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Post Info TOPIC: Free Treatment for Hep C?

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RE: Free Treatment for Hep C?

Hey Mallory,

I am having totally free treatment through clinical study. This is a hepatitis C study center by Weill Cornell Hospital in New York. They are the best because they just specialised on Hepatitis C.

Good Luck,



38yrs old, contact with virus in 1995, diagnosed 2008, 1a, biopsy: stage I,started tx may 2011,Tegobuvir+interferon 2b+riba, UND @ week 2.

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Hi, Mallory-

I know it's been a while since you posted, but I was hoping you could let us know whether you were able to find a way to start treatment for him?

I was able to get into a clinical trial, which pays for everything, labs, meds, etc.  that I found on a website you might want to check (below). Even though I have insurance, I was happy to get into this trial because I felt like I was getting treatment from a doctor who has specialized in Hep C for 20 years, and have been getting great care.

I believe you said you are in New Jersey, looks like there are some clinical trials right now he might be able to get in:


Best of luck!




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Genome 1A, diagnosed in 2010, probably from blood transfusion in 1985. VL 1.5-7.0  Biopsy 2/2    Began clinical trial for Telaprevir 5/2011. Week 4 - UND and liver enzymes in  normal range. Week 12 UND.  Hope to finish tx 10-26-11


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Thank you so much for the information and the links!

His primary care provider is our local VNA. We have already qualified for assistance through them, but since they do not actually give the tx, all they have been able to do is blood work and give us his numbers. But we do get discounted lab fees and visits with their program.  We went to see them two days ago to get his lab results, and they wished us luck and sent us on our way, telling us that there is no program that exists to help pay for the tx... but neither of us could believe that was true which is why I am looking for help here.

Thank you again, we'll be sure to print out those forms right away!




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You could start here and check out their site, even look for support groups in your state, which someone could provide you with information- also, if you read in the Knowledge Base area, this thread in particular, I have linked to the programs available here in the US, including the .pdf files for downloading the applications.

You might qualify for free medications (peginterferon and ribavirin), but will probably still have to pay for doctor visits, labs, etc. That is something you will have to discuss with an advocate in your state.


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Hello everyone!

My partner is Hep C positive and has been for about 27 years now.  Although he has taken many steps in that time to improve his lifestyle and take care of his body, his health has gone down hill rapidly this past year.  We are both currently unemployed and find it hard just to keep a roof over our heads and put food on the table... I was wondering if anyone knew of any way to get free treatment for his Hep C.  It would make all the difference in the world to us!

Thanks so much!

Mallory in New Jersey

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