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Post Info TOPIC: Updated Results - Indeterminate HCV Antibody Test, Negative PCR RNA


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Updated Results - Indeterminate HCV Antibody Test, Negative PCR RNA

Further to my original post (http://hepcfriends.activeboard.com/forum.spark?aBID=114015&p=3&topicID=41498552), i have taken a 2nd anti-HCV / PCR RNA test. The results were the same as 1 month ago. I wanted to see if by some chance there might have been an error in the first test. I did ask for a RIBA test but i don't believe that the lab here does that test.

So basically my test results are this to date:
- December 20, 2010   - positive for HCV antibodies (RIBA 3.0 test)
- February 19, 2011     - indeterminate for HCV antibodies (anti-HCV test)
                                    - negative PCR RNA (Cobas Amplicor HCV v2.0 Qualitative)
                                       Roche Diagnostics System 
- March 18, 2011          - indeterminate for HCV antibodies (anti-HCV test)
                                    - negative PCR RNA (Cobas Amplicor HCV v2.0 Qualitative) 
                                       Roche Diagnostics System

Overall i believe it is good news but some of the results are a bit confusing. If i tested positive for the RIBA test 3 months ago shouldn't the anti-HCV register a positive result by now? Is there any possibility of an error within the RIBA test?

I ask these questions on this theory. If i had the virus and little immune system response i would see enormous numbers in a very short time. This doesn't seem to be happening or the PCR RNA test would be positive. A PCR RNA test might not be picking up the virus because the amount of virus is tiny. But if i had tiny viral numbers then that would mean my immune system was suppressing the virus, and that should register a strong response with the antibody tests. Someone correct me if i'm wrong.

Can anyone suggest if i should be looking to find a lab that can do a RIBA test to see if the original RIBA test was done correctly?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.



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You don't have Hep C, time to move on.

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You do not have the virus anymore, since the RNA has come back negative twice already. If you were in the beginning stages prior to seroconverting to antibody development, you'd have a high viral count alongside a low or negative antibody test. While you appear to be slightly positive for the antibodies but have no viral count, it is quite possible that you became infected many, many years ago and spontaneously cleared it without ever knowing you had it. The antibodies will remain positive for life in some people, but will typically wane as the years go on, so since your antibody level is either low or indeterminate, you proabaly cleared the virus long ago and your antibodies have been decreasing their numbers over the years. I'd stop worrying about it since your viral load is not detectable...you do not have HCV! smile.gif

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