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Post Info TOPIC: Nipped in the bud


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RE: Nipped in the bud
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I truly think this subject has had enough attention and digestion.

Let's all move on.


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Gidday Everyone,

My message the other day wasn't very specific, when I said I was going to take some time off.  In trying to describe the pressures of day to day life in some succinct manner it would appear I was criticising the Forum.  This was not meant or the intent and in the following sentence when I told Forum members it wasn't them I was cranky at, I guess I hoped this message would prevail.

The Forum is but a small part of my life at he moment but unfortunately I will cut back my time here for some time, so I can concentrate on other issues.  This is all explained (I hope) in my last message to the FNDC a short while ago.

I guess living on the other side of the planet means I'm often the only one online, so this is often the only access I have to members in the US and UK.  I guess a consequence of this is I might answer people's posts a lot sometimes, but to suggest I'm stopping anyone from contributing to the Forum seems a bit strange.

I ask any members who have been afraid to post because of my presence on the Forum to contact any of the moderators about this.  This includes you Joe, seeing as you've brought the matter up, please contact any or all the moderators about whatever it is that I'm doing.

I don't know the moderators other than to speak to them like any other member on the other side of the world, so please don't anybody feel intimidated for any reason.

I can only find one time when Joe and I were on the same post where we were all talking about workplace intimidation.  Maybe him being afraid to post messages stems from there, but we didn't even "chat".  Joe's only interaction was general at first i tink and then in reply to Steff or Greenqueen after she posted some addresses.

I do hope this gets sorted out.




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Hi Joe, 

We appreciate your concern for the forum and the members, but there is often a lot that goes on behind the scenes that you are unaware of and we are in daily contact (sometimes several times a day), as well as regularly checking the forum.  So although it may appear that the forum is not being moderated, that is far from the case.  If you had felt unable to comment due to another members presence, then you could have raised that with an admin.

The forum is generally self-regulating with people providing a lot of support for each other, so there is seldom a need for us to post as 'admin'.  It is inevitable that there will be some clashes between people who are on such heavy duty meds.  Sometimes it is best to try to resolve issues behind the scenes, rather than publicly.

If anyone has anything they are unhappy with regarding the forum, please feel free to contact myself, Steff (Greenqueen), Gail (Moocow), or Lau.


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Hi Joe, in so many ways you're right. but in some ways please consider the fact; both parties are important parts of this forum. The people here have looked forward to both parties posting and have enjoyed them regardless of their presentation.
Sometimes it's better to be a little thick-skinned and leave things alone then to call someone out at a time when they're vulnerable. This Tx is tough, I know I went through 72 weeks of it myself and it wasn't fun. I said things to others that shouldn't have been stated the way they were simply because I was in such a brainfog I'd become frustrated, short-tempered with myself and say to hell with soft pedaling what I was trying to get out. And this normally happened following my shots. I guess in some instance diplomacy isn't important and the point being made is.

I wish what happened hadn't. I miss the forum the way it was. I apologize for being a party of it and not understanding the ramifications of my actions. Hopefully everyone can move on and things can return to some form of normality, -Mike



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Shame what's happened on the forum, I feel if admin or moderators had checked in more none of what's gone on would have happened, it could have been nipped in the bud.
As much as I know the guys going through epic amounts of treatment he shouldn't have been allowed to dominate the forum so the rest of us were afraid to post and it did amount to this.
I would like to see more of a presence of those people who started up this forum there's a certain amount of responsibility to us, if your time is now limited pass the responsibility to those that have time.

-- Edited by joem on Tuesday 19th of October 2010 09:28:51 AM

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