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RE: Mt Sinai Update

Hi Laura and Tom,

Thanks for the update! I've been wondering how your neck was, I've been having sympathy pains for you, lol! I remember having trouble swallowing and it took awhile to get past that, but it'll happen. I'm glad that PT is helping, I hated it, but it really works, so keep at it. This is going to be a great year for you guys, I just know it.

We will all look forward to hearing Tom's news at the end of February. He has a bright future ahead and a happy liver! Take care of yourself too and enjoy a good milkshake as often as possible. That's my favorite prescription for a happier throat! Good luck to you both!smile



67yo GT1A - 5 Mil - A2/F3 - (1996) Intron A - Non Responder, (2013) Peg/Riba/Vic SOT:05/23/13 EOT:12/04/13 SVR 9+ years!

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Hi again Laura. It's so great to hear that you are on the mend and making excellent progress. And I'm overjoyed about Toms SVR. You two really deserve a break and this sure looks like a break in the making. We will be waiting on you to post the good news about Tom after Feb. 25, and tell him we are all pulling for both of you to go on a marvelous vacation in a place of your dreams in 2017. You both keep up the good work and eat some scrambled eggs and french toast for me.


60 yo, geno 1a, Dx 1994 HCV-HIV co-inf, Dx 2013 decompensated cirrhosis
Tx #1 - 24wks Sov+Riba /SOT 7-24-2014/UND@EOT/DETECTED@EOT+16 wks
Tx #2 - 24wks Harvoni /SOT 7-25-2015/UND@EOT,+12,+24,+52 = SVR


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Hi Laura,

Very pleased to hear you're on the mend. The swallowing is tricky but it sounds that you're doing well.

Tom has his SVR and this will lessen the chances of any more HCC's. I hope he gets good news after his next MRI.

Your doctors are correct- Harvoni is a miracle drug. Cheers from down-under.


Geno 1b, IL28B CT, x3 prior relapser, ex-cirrhotic, 75 yo, did 48 weeks with Victrelis/Peg./Riba. VL 1.28m at start, UNDET. at 8 ,12 ,16 ,24 ,30 and 48 weeks. EOT 15 Feb 2013 , UNDET. at EOT + 28 weeks. SVR! Still Undet. at EOT +5 years


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Hi all, Just wanted to let you know how well both tom and I are doing. I went back to get another swallow study one month after surgery and doctors were thrilled my swallowing improved. I'm now at least on a soft diet like scrambled eggs, French toast, mashed potatoes, etc. still no loose fluids as I am aspirating them. Going to PT for balance and improving and swallow therapy which is helping to build muscles to learn to swallow again. I'm very grateful. Had to go to a neuro eye doc and he discovered I now have nystagmus. Surgeon hoping once swelling in brain goes down eye sight will get better. Tom is still driving me but I'm going to start gradually driving again. Will go back to work part time February 1 and full time week of 16 almost three months to day of surgery. Told you I joined Chiari forum and nothing like this one. Always fighting and bickering I don't like to go on too often. I've tried a few. Now about tom. We go back February 25 for him to get his MRI and oncologist to see if ablation and radiation worked on his cancer tumors. I think they got them. Best news is Tom finally believes he beat his hep C. He got his PCR back and his viral load is still 0. It's been four months since stopping Harvoni and he is ecstatic. Doctors in NYC says there is one miracle drug of each generation and Harvoni is this generation. Previous one was polio vaccine. Stats are nearly always positive from this drug and tom will be part of the statistics due to him having liver cancer as well. Wishing you all the best for 2016 and Mena and Angelo maybe we will make an appointment on the same day and celebrate each others victories along with our husbands, sorry I haven't been on but I'm so busy with therapy appointment s and doing them at home I feel like I have no time. It's been almost two months since my surgery and I feel like it's been two. Thanks for letting me babble on but as you know, I share in detail. The only thing for tom to fear now is the cancer..... He's a warrior and keep us both in your prayers as I pray daily for people with diseases, viruses and any diagnoses to get healthy. Won't be a vacation this year, but 2017 there will be a big one...(I have had to use a lot of time being off from my job and want to build it back up). Destination suggestions welcomed, lol. Be happy, be healthy , be grateful for each day your alive and moving. Not sure when I'll post again, but have to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for listening, advising and understanding. The administrators are all the most kind, understanding, knowledgeable people ever. God bless all of you. I truly love you all. Sincerely, Laura and Tom


Geno type 1,��after 20 YEARS Harvoni finally arrived....after six prior treatments...�Began harvoni for 24 weeks.....30 days viral count....STILL 0.......Tom now HEP C and Cancer FREE

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