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Post Info TOPIC: Day 1 of treatment & feeling FYNE


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Day 1 of treatment & feeling FYNE

Hi Fran,

Welcome to the forum and our little group of happy heppers! Nice to meet you. I think you'll enjoy the group. We all tolerate each other pretty well, but some of these folks are real jokers! No really.... They're all nice, lol! You'll see!

Glad you're on the road to a hep free life. It'll happen and I hope that the fibrosis is mild. You are blessed not having had it for 30 or 40 years. You should do really well on this treatment. Zep is a good and effective drug regimen.

Your doctor is right, give Google a pass. There is a lot of bogus and outdated material out there. Much of the information from 3 years ago, doesn't apply now. If you have a question, we'll try to answer them. Use our search function at the top. A keyword or two and you'll find our discussions. Pay attention to the dates! We're having to archive much of our old stuff. Things are improving and moving at light-speed now. It's a far better time to treat!

I'm known for my preaching on water intake, so get used to it. The most important thing you can do everyday is wake up, (that's important), take your Zepatier and drink a gallon of water throughout the day. Do not forget to drink at least a gallon! To do otherwise will bring on unwanted side effects from these drugs. Headache and fatigue (severe) can result. You'll be advised by the others, take it seriously! You'll be better for it, I guarantee it! Other than that the side effects are pretty low profile. They are totally manageable, as long as you drink ALL of that water!

I'm glad you're here!  smile



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 good morning everybody! This is my first post, this is my first day of treatment, this is the first of a lot of things, or I should say a lot of firsts are coming my way! 


My name is Fran or Meow76 smile

 I am 41 years old, in a relationship with my boyfriend of 12 years his name is Luis,

 I was diagnosed around 1999/2000 with HepC 1a.

as we speak I have about 12 years clean and sober.

I am very proud of that accomplishment. There was a time in my young life I never thought I would be able to say that. Quite honestly I did not think I would live to see the age 41. I did not think I would live to travel, or take a cruise, or truly feel good about myself- or -about anything in life. 


 Of course I still have a lot of goals left to accomplish. I got the good old "bucket list". Adding to it each day. 


 I just started my treatment today!! biggrin

I am on ZEPATIER  for 12 weeks. Of course they are going to do the mandatory testing every month or so. She said I might even be fully cured around 6 to 8 weeks. That would be cool. 


 My biggest biggest obstacle in completing this treatment is going to be side effects.  I love my Google  and unfortunately it's also my worst enemy.

I can read about some obscure side effect and let me tell you my mind will reel! It will convince me that it's going to happen to me, and it's going to be 1000 times worse than what I read about. 


 To say I have anxiety/panic disorder is an understatement. It's something I've dealt with since I was very young. Infact I was so young I had no clue what was happening to me.


 My doctor told me "DO NOT GOOGLE DAMN IT ALL DO NOT GOOGLE" side effects for this medication

she says that there are some side effects,  that just about everybody experiences. Diarrhea, some nausea, stomach upset, maybe blurry vision, some people have spoken of rashes, stomach/liver pain, etc. she said that I will know if it is something severe. 


I do not know if I should take aspirin for headache's or something like Aleve. 


 Thank you all for reading this post I'm sorry it got a little long and rambling.

I hope to meet other people on the same journey as I and maybe even on the same medication. It would be great if I could meet other people that just started the treatment toO.

That way we could support each other and follow each other's posts throughout the next 8 to 16 weeks 


 Much love peace health and happiness to all of you 


Hep C 1A (dx 1999): AST 58 / ALT 58/ Fibrosis Score 0.16/F0 / HCV RNA Quantitive Real Time PCR: 3623092

 Treating w/Zepatier


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