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Post Info TOPIC: More Liver Friendly foods and Horrible news too.... Proably will be A Deleted post :)


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RE: More Liver Friendly foods and Horrible news too.... Proably will be A Deleted post :)

Hi Josh,

I am a newbie but I ended up here and my heart goes out to you. This year has been full of sadness in our house. in May of 2013 my husband's 29 year old nephew died of a heroin overdose.  He was sweet and kind and really had so much to live for but did not even know it. My mother-in-law died of colon cancer in February of 2014 at the age of 84. She could have bought several more years just by having the tumor removed but chose not to. On Labor Day my one of my husband's brothers committed suicide leaving 4 children and his wife. We really don't know why.  Each one left a hole in our hearts when they left. Each of them is missed. Those holes can never be replaced. I lost a brother-in-law to alcoholism last year and one of my sisters is an alcoholic. She quit drinking after 30 years only because she had to or she would die. I know that drinking is not good for me for many reasons especially because I have HCV. I want to live. I don't want to unnecessarily leave a hole in my families heart.

Brother, life is good with a good ole natural high. Be good to you. Treat your body well. It is not over until the large lady sings so to speak.  And when

you want to give up just look up. Three to four beers each night is not a choice it is an addiction. I have no fear of saying this. I love all people. You are one of my people. Fight hard..live long.. and die when God says it is your time to die and not until. Fight harder dude.

And Josh, thank for your service to this country.











Walking in Faith, 58 yr old female with genotype 1 diagnosed 12/2006, infect. 1984 from blood transfusions, no previous treatments, no cirrhosis, recently developed lyphodema from chronic hcv inf. diag with CFIDS 1993


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Awwww Josh I wish you could have spent the 9 hours with me yesterday at the emergency room just sitting in the lobby waiting on my husband. He is fine by the way. The room was filled with alcoholics in different stages of drunk waiting to see a Doctor for some kind of help. I am a recovering alcoholic with 17 years sober but I still fit right in. Every single one of these folks started with 2 or 3 beers sometime in their life. With me the alcohol took my guard down and led to other things and then to Hep C and I am in treatment now. As I wandered around talking to all the different folks I could not help but feel the hopelessness. Not in any way saying you are an alcoholic. Regardless of whether this treatment works or not for me with the help of something greater than me I will never drink again. Yesterday sealed the deal on that one. Yes none of us will get out of this world alive (unless the rapture happens before then, sorry couldn't resist throwing that in) but at least our bodies deserve to be treated kindly until we do go. I know it is none of my business but it saddens me that you would consider pounding on your liver after going through treatment.


64 yo Diagnosed in 1991 with Hep C, Genotype 1a, VL close to 16,000,000, Tx Abbvie Topaz II 9/5/14, Wk 2 and 4 und. End of treatment 11/27/14 undetected.  EOT+4 und  EOT+12 und.  EOT+24 und CURED, EOT +52 now I feel really cured.

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Ahh to remember the days of indestructibility...

Every single day is a gift that we are given to make a difference in the world around us, there are many choices we don't get to make .....that can have awful consequences, and why the choices we can choose to make are so important to offset the bad ones.

I remember saying like a tough guy when I was young that if I ever got cancer that I would just run my car into a wall at 100 mph and be done with it, well here I am all these yrs later and yep I got cancer, but I have no intentions to do that now, rather I'll do what ever I can to overcome it,  to have just one more day, just one more hr, just one more minute on this earth to show the people I care about, and that care about me, how great it is to be alive and a part of each others lives.

You have some good stuff in you Josh....I mean I loved drinking beer and drank a lot of it, and I miss it and the times that went with it, but when you are on a table and they are poking holes in you to drain fluid because your organs don't work right is not worth the drink, smoke or shot...because some of these things.....well they just plain hurt..... so it's the opposite, if you can convince yourself that there will be awful pain later for every drink now ...even if you SVR would you do it ? how bad would the pain have to be ? I will say this having watched both my parents pass in front of my eyes.......it ain't like TV they don't just sigh and that it...you would be amazed at how bad the body and soul want to live........ even beyond our consciousness.


Sorry sure you didn't want or need this but it's my contribution.


53yr M 1a acq 12/83 cirr pre tx MELD 17  tx nv diag 1/29/12  tx S/O 3/5/14  trans list.

EOT 5/28/14 UND 6/12/14 SVR 8/29/14 MELD 14 dx HCC 9/5/2014 tumor ablation 9/24/14

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Hey Josh,

Sounds like you've got it all figured out. I wish you lots of luck but suggest you reconsider your future with alcohol. You seem to understand that life's a series of choices. Just know that booze is the absolute worst thing you can put through a HCV infected liver, even after SVR. But we all know that. When you get to my age, you realize that choices do matter. Do your best to make wise decisions as you move forward in life. 




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Hi Josh:

I'm sorry you are going through all of this and I hope you can find a way out of this darkness sooner rather than later.  F-2 may not seem significant, particularly in comparison to cancer, but for age 30 and having had HCV for only a bit over a decade, you are not in a good place.   

You mentioned that you intend to continue drinking in the future and also talked about what things will be like when you are 62.  If you continue on this path it is extremely unlikely you will make it to age 62.  Even if you SVR at some point your liver is damaged and will continue to incur damage. You can either do things that will escalate the damage or you can try to minimize it.  

You will see the consequences of your actions, good and bad, long before you reach 62.  I get the feeling you are already having some health problems and dental problems are arising. These things will only get worse if you don't take care of them.  You say that dying is easy but that isn't true.  Dying can be very long and horrible particularly for people who have abused their bodies and not found much meaning from life.   

Please think about the direction you want your life to take.  You are correct that life is hard but there is no need to make it even harder.  I hope you find some peace and joy.  I wish there was something I could do to help you.  I think you want someone to help.  I'm sure you already know there are people in your community who have been through the things you are experiencing, problems with alcohol, illness and death in their families, depression, etc.  Try reaching out to others who understand.  It sounds like a silly platitude but every day is the first day of the rest of your life.  Make the most of your life.  As far as I know we only get one.  


Diagnosed in 2011, Incivek triple in 2011, tx discontinued, Genotype 1a, CT, VL 7mill, cirrhosis dx in 2012, age 67, waiting for new DAAs.

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Interstingly enough  garlic and coconut oil are on here.... course even if multiple sources say sumthing some people still think they know better :)



ill be 31 in 7 days and learned my Dad at 59 has stage 4 prstate cancer that moved into his bones..... im looking into seeing a malpractice suit here soon because Doctors didnt catch it  till now...

wanted to drink when i heard the news but not even Death of a loved 1 will deter me in beating Hep C..... I will drink after SVR proably 2-4 months after SVR.... same amount i did before 2-4 beers...a night

  pretty sure i will get DAA on my F2 status and will use my Dads example of Doctors negligence to sue the state board if they do not approve DAA for me come December.....


  Im only going to say this this last time..... everyone dies whether they have a disease or not ....... by the time you are 80-100 years old you will be gone....So live your LIFE as You will.....

 Even Jack Lalane died .....   now if u have Hep C like I do ... you proably want it gone because it will shorten your Lifespan..... I dont want to die before 80 or 100 but

if my quality of life is crap then i dont know..... Death does not really bother me or mortality Im well aware of it and have came to terms with it long ago ... so seeing people die up close although it sucks  you cant dwell on it ... as far as depression or sadness get over it who among us hasnt been sad at one point... too many people are counting on you for you to be sabotaging your life and others... through moping around.... i go running and do yoga on alternating days ...  improves quality of life but iLL still die later .... but I will feel good and Enjoy my life as much as possible....

 Solomon of the Bible said and he was right....... ALL IS VANITY.......   

anyone who tells you any different is living in Fantasy land or are naive to thier surroundings.... Im not a mean person i just dont hide or sugar coat things.....

I enjoy helping others ... am nice to animals ....am a friend to Developmentaly neighbors.... oh ya i work 2 jobs at 11 hours a day..... 1 is for the state doing maintence and i have no felonys....

and clearnce to certain places or departments...  Im a pretty nice person but I have my faults... you wont hear me deny it though ... ive just accepted it......... know i need to work on it or I really dont care and have moved on..... very aware how to change Ip addresses things of that nature... helpfull if u ever get band

 I feel people are owed the TRUTH sum people dont like people being honest ... you know them when you see them ... and by the way :)  Yes i do care about you I may not go a great deal out of my way to show it but as we are driving along or walking in the park Im glad I know you ... that goes for all of You .... in closing live life how you want ... take peoles advice if you want... be honest with others and yourself....Enjoy life as you see fit..... and tell people that you care or how you reall Feel... ..    Sorry if I offended any of you but This is basicly how i see things in a nut shell

Thank you for reading Will check in from time to time ..... gota wait till December 1 st for next Gastro visit then will seee about DAA pre approval get my teeth ripd out in a month that sounds fun....

oh well these things need to be fixed therefore im pursuing it .... I may appear angry all the time ... but far from it i am only anoyed a small part of the day by people or or outside situations...

I entertain myself watch relaxing shows ... read more news then you.... :) and excersise and eat pretty healthy ...  no one ever said life was easy Dying is the easy part .. living is not...

im thankfull for the life Ive had and the time ive had to spend with family and friends.... for i truly know everything is pretty temporary....  Yes i do believe in God......

 havent drank since June 4th.....and im about to quit smoking caigarets..... or try too... but make no mistake i will drink again I just hope to get SVR ... I will wait but not forever...

  i dont or never drank cause i was addicted ... i did things because i enjoyed them....  and since you guys dont know of anyone after SVR that has drank ... and you want to know the relapse rate ... 

ILL let you know..... beside in another 31 years iLL be 62 and you can only imagine what kinda cures theyll have by then .... I dont really care though but you see my point.. ive got time and i know it... i monitor everything..... 

Thanks again :)  P.S yes i live with my dad hes in a hospital 90 miles away but will be back soon... im glad i didnt move out ... but I am making plans for the inevitable ....I just hope he gets sum more more months or years through treatments or hormone therapy.. he will feel like crap im sure ... but i have come to terms with this..... I will keep you updated about him and myself .. 

Cancer kinda makes my F2 Hep C seem like not a big deal :) but i will beat the dragon or at least give it a good try ...

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