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Post Info TOPIC: Cirrhosis and low platelet count


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RE: Cirrhosis and low platelet count

Hello Susie,

I would be interested in the information Canuck asked regarding the different lab tests and any updates on his recent Child-Pugh score. Itís possible to return to a compensated state, but that depends on the original damage secondary to the decompensation. Certainly, stopping the HCV was a huge success and will lend great assistance toward improved hepatic function. Itís a long road to recovery and the scarring/nodularity may improve, but probably will never resolve fully. The hepatic function is more often felt to be the indicator of disease regression. If you can get the liver to function/filter more efficiently, the better overall health will be. The low platelet count is always concerning, but transfusions can be offered to boost it and should be considered. If anything that can provide some real relief from the fatigue. What was his last Hemoglobin? A recent abdominal ultrasound should give you some good ideas on his spleen size, which will relate to his portal pressure. Lots of questions, but it helps offer a better opinion. After 1 year SVR, itís my opinion that heís already gaining ground in the improvement department.

People with compensated or decompensated cirrhosis are always looking at a longer road to fibrosis regression. Some never improve enough to avoid many of the complications, but curing or eliminating the original causation is definitely a positive step. With the HCV gone and the improvements in his diet and lifestyle, itís important to keep up with all of the 6 month screening and keep your eyes and ears open on the ongoing pharmaceutical research on anti-fibrotic drugs. Always ask his doctors about his knowledge on them and if s/he knows about any potential studies being offered. You can check the ClinicalTrials.gov website for information on them.†

Iím sure youíve visited about every website out there, but hereís one more you may have missed. It offers some different thoughts from the other side of the Pond.

Cirrhosis Defined



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Hi susie1,

I remember you two!! Very well. You were very good in trying to help in any way you could with your partners plight(s). We were so pleased, as hard as it was for him to actually get started on the dac, to see his successful cure. Ah yes, the cirrhosis though. He was banded 3 times, right?, just before treatment could get started and ended up NOT having the TIP?, if I have reviewed correctly?†

You mention the platelets (how's the hct and hgb?), but do you have any other labs/symptoms/imaging results on him to share? It would paint a fuller picture on his current state to know a bit more. Even just to know how he is actually "feeling". The imaging "reports" he must be having on a ongoing basis would be good (comparative) info to see, if some of his prior abnomalities (if he had splenomegaly/ascites, changes in shapes and sizes,etc) have improved? CAT's/ ultrasounds? Sometimes the ongoing imagings/U/S's over time (aside from the endoscopies) paint good picture of info on all aspects of varices/cirrhosis. Did he ever, or does he get "kPa measurements" of his liver to judge if there has been any reduction in the amount of "stiffness" in his liver? I always assumed he must have had some externally visable abdominal girth signs of ascites†"visable" at some point early on? - did he?, and has that gone now? You had said at ne point early on he was troubled with pedal edema, did that go away early on too? Has he been on the repeat/return treadmill with endoscopies to check on his banding/varices? How are the basics - ALT/AST/bili/alkaline phosphatase/proteins/kidney function. We have a handful of folk here who may be experienced enough themselves with ongoing labs/tests regarding cirrhosis to be of help in comparing notes.

I have no doubt you (and he) have been taking very good care of him, diet and all healthy ways, always a good thing. I am not well experienced about cirrhosis, but I do know more info is always helpful to paint a fuller picture - we'll see who else can jump in here with some helpful thoughts for you.

I'm so glad to hear from you two again!†smile†C. †


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I have not been on this forum for a while now, but my husband is still Hep C free after completing treatment just over a year ago. His cirrhosis caused portal hypertension and he did have esophageal banding for varices about 2 years ago (just before starting treatment). His platelets are about 50 and recently dropped to 40. I would love to hear from anyone with success stories - coming back from cirrhosis. I know it could take a few years and he has a super clean diet and lifestyle. Has anyone done any bioenergetic therapies like BEMER or pulsed electromagnetic field therapy?


Sue (for husband)

56 M Geno1a, Dx 1994, Decomp. Cirr, Portal Hyp, Doing Tx for Varices, HGB 12, Platelet 55, VL < 1 mil - was on Daklenza/Sovaldi treatment. SVR 4/12/2017 - still with cirrhosis MELD score 12

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